Not your "Typical Boilerplate" anymore
Ship ๐Ÿš€ your Startup in Days, not Weeks
Prebuilt UI components, ready-to-use NextJS boilerplate codes & AI integration to make your app Production ready
Traditional way is draining your time โฑ๏ธ
  • + 8 hrs landing page design
  • + 4 hrs database drizzle setup
  • + 4 hrs stipe webhook + custom payment setup
  • + 2 hrs to handle Lemonsqueezy webhooks
  • + 2 hrs for SEO
  • + 4 hrs for auth setup
  • + 4 hrs for database setup
  • + 4 hrs for mdx setup
  • + 1 hr for GA + crisp setup
  • + โˆž hrs overthinking...
  • = 33+ hours of headaches
Build your app instantly.
Launch faster, make ๐Ÿ’ธ

Drag & Drop Builder

๐Ÿš€ Use the drag-and-drop builder for landing page, leverage AI for copywriting, & choose required integrations.

Customize & Personalize

๐ŸŽจ Make your landing page stand out with our easy-to-use editor. Export code, customize to your heart's content, and add those final touches to make your project truly unique.

Production Ready

๐Ÿš€ Launch your app with confidence. Our platform ensures your landing page is optimized for conversion, loaded with the right integrations, and ready to drive revenue for your business.

How can you build at such an accelerated speed?

Landing Page Builder

  • Drag & drop landing page builder with Ai copywriting support
  • Ready to use templates & dark mode support

Database Drizzle ORM

  • Drizzle ORM Setup
  • Connect to any database
  • Authentication Schema

Payment Gateway

  • Create checkout sessions (Stripe)
  • Manage webhooks for subscriptions and one-time payments (Stripe & Lemonsqueezy)

User Authentication

  • Enable authentication with Magic Link and Google Auth
  • Integrate various authentication methods, including NextAuth


  • Integrate Google Analytics for tracking and analyzing data effectively.
  • Posthog Analytics coming soon

Customer Support

  • Integrate Crisp for efficient customer support
  • More integrations for customer support coming soon


  • Integrate MDx with customizable styling for blogs.
  • Set up Notion to blog conversion upon request.


  • Shadcn UI Components with Tailwind CSS Setup
  • A Landing Page Builder
  • Multi Theme Support
  • Responsive Design


  • AI Copy Writing
  • Terms & Privacy Page
  • Lots more feature comming soon

Save hours of repetitive code, build fast, make $$$ !

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  • Landing Page Builder
  • Database Drizzle ORM
  • Payment Gateway
  • User Authentication
  • Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Blogs
  • Style
  • Extra
  • FAQs

    The NextJS starter provides you with all the necessary boilerplate code to operate an online business, including payment systems, a database, login functionality, a blog, UI components, and more. The repo is available in Javascript, utilizing the Nextjs /app router.,

    Absolutely, as long as you're comfortable with React & NextJS. The libraries are independent. You can opt for SendGrid over Mailgun, LemonSqueezy instead of Stripe, or Postgres instead of MongoDB, for instance.

    It offers more than just a template. You can reuse sections to build your site quickly, such as a pricing section, an FAQ, or even an entire blog. It also includes UI components like buttons, modals, popovers, and more. Furthermore, the NextJS starter comes with essential tools for running an online businessโ€”payment processing, payment, SEO, etc.,

    Numerous hosting platforms, like Vercel, allow you to host a project for free (front-end + back-end), and MongoDB/Supabase offer free tiersโ€”enabling you to launch your first app for $0/month. If you use Magic Link sign-ups, you'll spend $1 per 1,000 users.,

    We frequently update the boilerplate for all our projects, so it's updated regularly.,

    Once you gain access to the repo, the code becomes yours indefinitely, making it non-refundable.

    Boilercode by KwikTwik Technologies PVT LTD

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